Our Services

Seal Report Training and Workshop

For companies starting to use Seal Report, Ariacom holds introductory training courses.

Our standard 2-day course includes:

  • Installation and administration tasks.
  • Data source design using the Server Manager.
  • Building and customizing reports using the Report Designer.
  • Workshops to create reports using your own databases.

Custom and advanced courses can be tailored to your requirements.

Seal Report Consulting

For companies with complex requirements (in terms of reporting, security, roll-out, etc.), implementing Seal Report can be a project in itself involving many people. Ariacom proposes to help you manage such a project by providing the following services:

  • Needs analysis.
  • Implementation of one or several Data Sources with sample reports.
  • Security implementation.
  • Customization of report Views.
  • Customization of Web Server pages.
  • Integration of the Seal Report Components in a new or an existing Windows application.
  • Integration of the Web Server in a new or an existing Web application.
  • Product branding.
  • Solution roll-out.
  • Production support.

Our consultants are available to meet your needs, either remotely or on site.

Seal Report Web Report Designer

Ariacom has developed a Web Report Designer fully integrated in the current open source version to edit and schedule reports from any browser.

Using this interface, end-users can build their reports and define their schedules without any help from IT (e.g. define a schedule to receive a report by email every morning).

View more information on the Web Report Designer.

Seal Report PDF and Excel Converter

In order to directly generate PDF and Excel documents from a Seal report, Ariacom offers a PDF and Excel Converter component fully integrated with the product.

The PDF component converts the standard HTML Print layout into a single PDF document.
A PDF document can be generated from a button in the Report Result Panel or can be used for any Report Output (folder or email).

The Excel component converts the data of the report results into a native Excel Workbook, including formats, charts and sheets.
An Excel document can be generated from a button in the Report Result Panel or can be used for any Report Output (folder or email).

The PDF and Excel converter component is a commercial product and requires a license.

Migration from Ariacom Business Reports

For extensive Business Reports users, Ariacom can help you to migrate to Seal Report.
Ariacom uses tools to automate the conversion from your Business Domain files (*.bdo) and Reports files (*.bre) into new Seal Report files: Data Sources, Devices and Reports.
The bulk of the migration work is automated.